Regional Culture of Pakistan-An Overview

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The Regional Culture of Pakistan

The majority of the people of Pakistan are Muslims, hence there is a general commonality in the culture of various areas of Pakistan. However, due to historical ties and the physical environment, minor differences do exist in the cultures of different areas. Distinctive features in the cultures of different areas of Pakistan are described here under.

i. Balochistan

The people of Balochistan are cordial and hospitable. Tribal sentiments prevail among them. Respect and obedience for the elders is their eminent feature. Embroidery is the favorite pass time business of Baloch women. They weave woolen carpets and tents in their homes. Hani-Shah Murid is their famous folklore. In the wedding ceremonies, they sing epic songs in which they describe the tales of bravery of their tribal heroes.

ii. Punjab

The people of Punjab are hardworking and consistent. They are fond of kabaddi and wrestling. Their folk stories are highly fascinating. Such tales have been verified and are sung on special occasions. Amongst them are the stories of Sassi-Punnu, Heer-Ranjba, Sohni-Mahinwal etc. Buildings enameling, sports goods and kites making, painting on earthen vessels, etc. are the eminent features of Punjabi culture.

iii. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have great respect for their religion. They are brave, hardworking, and hospitable. They like hunting, bird fostering, and shooting. Embroidery, woolen clothes and carpet weaving sculpturing wooden goods with fascinating designs etc. are the special arts of this region.

iv. Sindh

Sindh is famous all over the world for its handicrafts. It is also famous for embroidery, earthen pottery, and tile painting. Agriculture is the most popular occupation of the people of this region. Horse and oxen races are their favorite sports.

Commonalities in Regional Cultures and National Solidarity

Common cultural traits are found in the different areas of Pakistan. Our society exhibits clear commonalities in food, music, literature, architecture, etc., which have been explained here under:

i. Islam

The core principle of our culture is to follow the religion of Islam by all its codes. Islam is the main source of integrity and solidarity.

ii. Respect for Humanity

Humanity is greatly regarded in the culture of all regions of Pakistan. The law and our religion both provide safeguards for respect for humanity. Women enjoy special respect in every corner of our society.

iii. Language

Urdu is our national language. It is the basic means of communication among the people all over Pakistan. Although, different local languages are spoken across the country, Urdu is the common language for all regions.

iv. Masjid

Masjid has immense significance in Islamic society. It plays an eminent role in creating sentiments of tolerance, brotherhood, and peace.

V. Customs and Traditions

Despite cultural diversity among the provinces of Pakistan, there is an overwhelming similarity in certain fundamental values like the rituals of worship, hospitality, care for the rights of neighbors etc. Whether it is a wedding. childbirth or death event, every time our people behave quite in accordance with Islamic codes, which are the very bases of our common culture.

vi. Religious and National Festivals

Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha. Shab-e-Baraat, Shab-e-Miaraj, Eid Milad-un- Nabi, etc. are celebrated as religious festivals in Pakistan. On these occasions, the zeal and fervor of all Pakistanis can be seen. Apart from these, our national festivals like Pakistan Day, Independence Day, Quaid-e-Azam, and Iqbal Days, etc. are celebrated with great fervor in every part of the country.

vii. Dresses

Although every area has a distinctive dress code, in this regard there is a similarity among the different areas of Pakistan. The majority of the people wear shalwar kameez with minor variations of fashion. Among the women also, wearing shalwar kameez and sheet, etc. are very popular.

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