Educational Problems of Pakistan – An Overview

Written by Ilmgaah

Educational Problems in Pakistan

The main reason for the low literacy rate in Pakistan is the outdated system f education. The main objective of any independent nation’s education system is to educate their young generation to make them civilized and democratic-minded but our educational system has failed to achieve these objectives. The main reason for this is that our educational system is facing many challenges. A few are discussed below:

i. Medium of Instruction

Our system gives priority to the English language, thus the students have to employ most of their potential in learning English. It results in their weakness in the core subjects. Whereas, the world’s advanced countries like China, Japan, France, etc. have revolutionized the fields of science and technology, etc. by imparting education in their national languages. Experts suggest that imparting education in the national language is very significant in promoting learning capabilities in the students.

ii. Outdated Examination System

Our examination system has proved to fail in the proper assessment of the abilities of the students. The prevailing examination system can only assess the memory power of the students, which is not the true parameter for assessing their intelligence. A student can easily qualify for the examination by memorizing a few important lessons in just the last few months before the examination, even if he/she has ignored the course all through the rest of the year. It is, therefore, very essential that the prevailing outdated examination system shall be replaced by some. modem one.

iii. Untrained Teachers

Teachers have a central role in any educational system. A teacher can inculcate capabilities and wisdom in students by making education a purposeful endeavor. However, one of the main problems in our educational system is the lack of training for teachers. For a person to become a teacher, it is necessary that he/she must be trained in teaching skills and student psychology alongside the subject knowledge. There is no proper arrangement for teachers! training in our country, which results in the deterioration of our educational system.

According to modern educational requirements, teacher training should be managed. The teachers shall also be given pre-service and in-service refresher courses so that they get updated on the student’s psychology and modern educational tools.

iv. Lack of Coordination between Teachers and Parents

The teachers and parents both play key roles in the character-building of students because education is a social process that can get to a conclusion through the collaboration of educational institutions and parents. But in our educational institutions such collaboration is not given its due importance. As a result, both parties fail to understand issues related to the students.

It is suggested that there should be a joint council between the teachers and parents in every educational institution in order to have an understanding between them regarding educational problems. Besides, the curriculum should be precise, comprehensive, and easy. It should be reviewed regularly for incorporation of any new information generated by the fast-changing world. Some basic facilities like libraries, laboratories, hostels, classrooms, furniture, electricity, water, playgrounds, etc. must be furnished in educational institutions.

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