About Us

About Us

ilmgaah.com is a multi-topic educational website determined to provide you with knowledge on different topics. We provide free-of-cost and easy-to-learn content with a special focus on English learning in the easiest way with the help of a local language i.e. Urdu. In English learning, we provide easy-to-learn material related to Basic English Grammar, English Vocabulary with example sentences, Daily life English sentences, and English learning tips and guidelines.  We also provide study material that is very helpful for the preparation of Job tests which are announced through different public service commissions and testing agencies. The test preparation material is generally based on MCQs or one liner questions which include General Knowledge, Computer/IT, Islamic Studies, Everyday Science, Urdu, English, Pedagogy, or any other topic as described in the test syllabus.

What you will get here?

We provide the following categories of content on this website:

  • Basic English Grammar in English and Urdu
  • English Vocabulary in English and Urdu
  • Daily Life English to Urdu Sentences And Dialogues
  • Job Test Preparation Material
  • Job related Information and Guidelines

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