Interesting English Riddles With Answers

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Interesting English Riddles with Answer

Asking riddles is a fun among friends and family members. A riddle is a type of puzzle question that presents a question or statement that requires clever or creative thinking to solve the question. Riddles are often more tricky than it seems.

The purpose of riddles is to figure out the hidden meaning or answer by considering different interpretations of the question. Riddles have been a part of culture for centuries and are also found in literature in the form of an entertainment. They are often used for amusement, as a form of mental exercise, or as a way to convey deeper meanings or lessons in a playful manner.

Here you will get some best English riddles with answers. These riddles are daily updated with new tricky English riddles. Lets have fun.

Daily Updated English Riddles with Answers

What has hands but cannot clap? Clock

I have no life but I can die, What I am? Battery

I begin with ‘e’ and only contain one letter,What I am? An Envelope

What is the thing that have a neck but no head? Bottle

Which month has 28 days? All Months

What is the place where “Bachelor” boys and girls can’t go? In-Laws House

What is it that does not dry out in the sun? Sweat

Who is it that the king bows down to? Barber

What part of the human body is found after birth? Teeth

What is always in front of you, but can never be seen? Future

What is the thing the person who buys it never uses it. The person who uses it cannot buy it. Coffin

English Riddles With Answers

Which is the bank where money is not available? Blood Bank

Now your turn

riddles are fun, If you have any tricky riddle on your mind right now, post it in comments section below and get crazy answers. Let see how many people can answer correctly. So lets start and keep visiting for more fun for more best and tricky English riddles with answers.

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