International English Learning WhatsApp Group

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International English Learning WhatsApp Group

If you are looking for international English Learning WhatsApp groups, you are at the right place. Our Whatsapp groups dedicated to English learning have gained widespread popularity across the globe, engaging the vibrant community of English learners. With a diverse and extensive global membership, these groups offer a unique opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the language by interacting with people from various demographics worldwide.

International English Learning WhatsApp Group

The groups are strictly managed by a dedicated admin team and our team enforces strict rules to maintain a focused and conducive learning environment, preventing any irrelevant content. To keep the learning experience engaging, these groups organize different spoken activities that not only make the process interesting but also provide valuable opportunities to enhance English proficiency. The commitment to continuous improvement is evident as we share English learning materials daily, creating a rich hub of English for everyone involved. With thousands of international members from different countries, these Whatsapp groups serve as dynamic hubs for collaborative learning and exchange of knowledge.

International English Learning Whatsapp Group Features

International learning WhatsApp groups are offered with some unique features. Some of the salient features of our WhatsApp group initiative are as follows:

  • Whatsapp groups are active for English learning across the globe
  • Global membership allows the members to learn and practice English with people from different demographics across the globe 
  • International English Learning Whatsapp Groups are well managed and controlled under strict rules by the admin team to avoid any irrelevant content
  • Different Spoken Activities Are Done To Make Things Interesting and to provide an opportunity to improve English
  • English learning material Is Shared Daily for learning and practice
  • Thousands of International members from different countries

International English Learning Whatsapp Group Rules

  • Give respect to all members and don’t use abusive language
  • No irrelevant posts and posts forwarding are allowed in groups
  • Abusive or sensitive content is not allowed
  • Link sharing is not allowed in these groups
  • Advertisements or publicity is not allowed in these groups
  • Do not join more than one group
  • Racism is not allowed in the groups

How to Join the International English Learning Whatsapp Groups

If you are interested in joining the International English Learning Whatsapp groups to learn English with the global community, you can join the Whatsapp groups from the following list by clicking on the JOIN GROUP Button in front of each group.

List of International English Learning Whatsapp Groups

We have created a lot of International English learning groups. These groups are listed below and this list always keeps growing with more and more groups. Click on the Join Group button to Join International English-learning WhatsApp groups

If you want to join English Learning Whatsapp Groups in English to Urdu, Click Here to Join.


International English learning Whatsapp groups are the best example of using modern technology to connect learners from diverse backgrounds. With active participation from members across the globe, well-managed groups, engaging spoken activities, and daily sharing of learning materials, these communities serve as invaluable platforms for learning English language skills. Further, If you own any active WhatsApp groups for English learning you can also share the links of groups in the comments section. Our vibrant members will join these groups through the links provided.


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