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PPSC Head Master Subject Specialist Jobs 2023

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PPSC Head Master/Subject Specialist Jobs in Punjab School Education Department

The School Education Department(SED) Punjab is going to announce 2200+ Head Master/Subject Specialist and Senior Subject Specialist Jobs for both male and female candidates through the Punjab Public Service Commission(PPSC).The requisition for these jobs is ready to be forwarded to the PPSC. These jobs will be announced shortly through PPSC. Here I am going to provide you complete details about these jobs including post breakup of these posts, eligibility criteria, place of posting and pay scales etc.

1. Head Master

In school education, the headmaster is the controlling and managing authority of a school. The Basic Pay scale for the post of headmaster is BS-17. Total number of posts for the headmaster are 527. Ther225 for males and 3o2 for females.Master’s degree along with B.Ed/M. Ed is required for the post of headmaster. Headmasters are promoted to the post of Senior Head Master(BS-18)/Deputy DEOs and Principal (BS-19) etc.

2. Subject Specialist

Subject Specialist(SS) is the teaching post as a subject expert in Higher Secondary Schools where he teaches intermediate classes. The Pay scale of Subject Specialist is BS-17. Masters degree along with B.Ed/M.Ed is required for the post of Subject Specialist. posts of Subject Specialist Male and posts of Subject Specialist female are being announced.These posts will be further divided into subject wise categories.

3. Senior Subject Specialist

Senior Subject Specialist(SSS) is also a teaching post in higher secondary schools but their basic pay scale is BS-18. SSSs are also appointed to key management posts in administrative offices of the School Education Department. Masters/BS degree along with B.Ed/M. Ed is required for the post of Senior Subject Specialist. Experience of 07 years is also required for SSS as it is the direct post of BS-18. The total No. of posts for SSS are which are further divided into posts for males and posts for females. These posts will be further divided into subject-wise categories.

PPSC Syllabus for Headmaster Subject Specialist

Syllabus for headmasters includes questions related to the field of Educational management and general ability. Subject Specialist will be related to their subject and general ability.

If you have any further queries related to PPSC Head Master/Subject Specialist Jobs, you can discuss  in the comments section below.

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