How to Apply for Govt Smartphone for All Scheme on Installments in Pakistan

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Smartphone for All Scheme on Installments in Pakistan

The Ministry of Information and Technology in Pakistan is going to launch the ‘Smartphone for All’ scheme on installments. This move is in response to financial challenges exacerbated by inflation, providing an opportunity for individuals to acquire smartphones without a substantial upfront payment.

This initiative has attracted notice due to its emphasis on encouraging responsible financial practices and expanding smartphone availability for individuals experiencing financial limitations. In Pakistan, telecommunications firms will have the opportunity to provide mobile phones through easy installments, thereby extending the reach of internet to a wider areas.

The aim of ‘Smartphone for All’ project is to provide smartphones to all citizens in Pakistan, contributing to economic stimulation and encouraging the use of e-commerce. Govt. is expecting to provide internet access to all the citizen of the country so that they can use all the basic online features.

How to Apply for Smartphone for All Initiative:

Smartphone for all scheme:

The initiative is to provide smartphones which cost between Rs. 10 thousand  to Rs. 1 lac through an easy installments plan spread overr 3 months to 12 months interest free installments.

Eligibility Criteria:

Pakistani citizens with valid Identity cards, including students, professionals, and  low income persons, are eligible to apply in this scheme.

Interest-free installments:

Pakistanis can obtain smartphones on interest-free installments with a minimum 20 percent down payment of the total cost of smartphone.

Stay tuned here as more information about this project is still to be unveiled soon. For further information related to this project, you are advised to stay in touch with official twitter or Facebook page of Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of Pakistan.

Pakistan is the seventh largest global market of smartphones with over 190 Million smartphones being used currently. ‘Smartphone for All’ project aims to bridge the digital divide, making smartphones accessible to a all the citizens of Pakistan. For updates and online applications, individuals are encouraged to follow the Ministry of Information and Technology’s platform, aligning with the goal of promoting digital inclusivity and leveraging technology for economic growth.

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