Interesting Urdu Riddles and Brain Teasers with Answers

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Interesting Urdu and English Riddles with Answers

Here you will get hundreds of interesting and Not-so-easy Urdu riddles and brainteasers questions. Asking such riddles and guessing answers according to the clues hidden in questions between family members and friends is always been fun in our culture. These riddles and questions are also asked as common sense testers.

English Riddles with Answers

What is it that has no home of its own but every house belongs to it? Money

What is that woman’s thing, she can’t see for herself. Soul/Rooh

What is it that sugar is added to, but it is not sweet? Sugar Container

What part of our body gets hot when we lie. Nose

What is it that always goes up in the rain.? Umbrella

What is it that we bring to eat but do not eat? Dishes/


What is it that men keep hiding while women keep showing? Purse

What is the thing that a Muslim cannot eat in Sehar? Aftaar

What is the place in the world where everyone can sit except you? Your Lap

What is it that is broken before use? Egg

What’s a girl’s thing that doesn’t get wet from a bath? Shaddow

What is the thing that cannot be used if it is One? Shoe

It is a thing that does not move but goes from place to place.


What is it that bothers everyone except you? Snoring

What is it that we cannot touch but break? Promise

What is it that keeps moving despite being tied up? Watch

What is the thing that a man would die if he wore it? If a woman wears it, the marriage will be broken. Kafan

What has been around for centuries but its age is 30 days? Moon

Which fish cannot lay eggs? Fried Fish

What is something that girls wear and eat? long

Which is where 100 people go and 101 come back? Wedding

What is it that starts flying at birth? Smog

What part of the human body cannot be washed with soap? Eyes

Who is the one who looks at the sun all day long? SunFlower

What is it that always comes but never really comes? Tomorrow

What is something that a wife cannot give to her husband? Divorce

What is the thing that if the husband takes it, the wife is upset and if the wife takes it, the husband is upset? snoring

Which thing gets dirtier after washing? Water

Which animal dies after drinking water. Cangro

What is the work of a woman that cannot be done without a man? Hajj

What is something that is in front of us but we cannot see it? Future

Which is the place where death comes before life? Dictionary

What is the thing that a person gets twice for free but has to buy the third time? Teeth

What is the day when even the toughest wife in the world is happy with her husband? Salary Day

What is it that drinking makes you feel more thirsty? Cigarette

Which day of the year has the least number of children born 29 FEBRUARY (This day comes after 04 years)

What two things can you never have for breakfast? Lunch and dinner

What is that thing that starts to work when you cut its neck? Pencil

What is it that is dead takes birth from living and gives birth to the living from the dead? Egg

The graveyard is always built-in in which direction of the hospital. Outside

Which is the month in which women speak less than other months? February

Who is the one who leaves his house and dies after hitting his own house? Matchbox

What is it that wearing makes a man die? If a woman wears it, the marriage will be broken. Coffin

What is the place where single boys and girls can’t go? In-Laws House

What is there in a woman that she cannot see for herself?  Soule/Rooh

What is something that closes by opening and opens by closing? Shutter Gate of a Shop

Who does a man ask for forgiveness the most in his life? Beggar

What is it that emits smoke but is not hot? Ice


Which tree has no wood? Banana Tree

Which is the bank where money is not available? Blood Bank

What is the place where prayers can not be offered? Roof  of Kaba

What part of the human body is found after birth? Teeth

Who is it that the king bows down to? Barber

What is it that does not dry out in the sun? Sweat

What is the thing the person who buys it never uses it. The person who uses it cannot buy it. Coffin

What is it that meets by saying a girl “baji” but not by saying “aunty”? Lips

What is it that is born in light and dies in darkness? Shadow

Who is the person who knows the day of his death?

Prisoner with death sentence

Who is the one who cuts pockets in front of everyone but is not punished?


Have Fun!

This is not the end. You will get more and more interesting and more difficult riddles as we regularly update the list of riddles and questions with answers. If you know any difficult riddle, You may ask in the comment section below to have fun with the audience.

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