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Crime Criminal and Court Vocabulary in English and Urdu

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Important Crimes Criminals and Courts Vocabulary Words in English and Urdu

In this lesson, you are going to learn important and commonly used words related to crimes, criminals, and courts. This list of words consists of all those important terms which are commonly used in criminal procedures, telling about crimes and criminals in courts and police stations. This lesson is very important for enhancing your English vocabulary in an easy way for daily life spoken English.

The list of words consists of the following vocabulary topics:

Crimes Vocabulary

This list consists of all those crimes committed by the criminals in English Urdu and Law terms.

Criminals Vocabulary

This section consists of English Words with Urdu translation that are used to describe criminals who commit different crimes.

Courts Vocabulary

This section consists of all the terms related to court proceedings are used by Police, Lawyers, Judges as well as the common public in court matters.

Punishment Vocabulary

Those English and Urdu words which are used to describe punishments that are given to the offenders by courts or any other law and order agency.

Crimes Criminals and Courts Vocabulary PART 1

Abduction اغوا
Abuse گالی
Robbery ڈکیٹی
Arson آگ لگانا
Assassination قتل
Assault حملہ
Blackmail بدنام کرنا
Burglar چور
Break in گھسنا
Fraud دھوکہ
Guilty مجرم/گنہگار
Kidnap اغوا کرنا
Killer قاتل
Terrorist دہشت گرد
Spy جاسوس
Rape آبروریزی
Prostitution جسم فروشی
Murder قتل
Suicide خودکشی
Threat دھمکی
Handcuff ہتھکڑی
Investigation تحقیقات
Prosecute مقدمہ چلانا
To sentence سزا سنانا
Stab چھرا گھونپنا
Smuggle غیر قانونی درآمد
Steal چوری کرنا
Strangle گلا گھونٹنا
Swindle دھوکہ دینا
Hostage یرغمال بنانا

Crimes Criminals and Courts Vocabulary PART 2

To Poison زہر دینا
Accuse الزام لگانا
Arrest گرفتار کرنا
Bail ضمانت
Imprison قید
set fire  to آگ لگانا
Attack حملہ کرنا
Mugging لوٹ مار
Neglect غفلت برتنا
Genocide نسل کشی
Treason غداری
Riot فساد
Forgery جعل سازی
Pick Pocketing جیب کتری
Armed مسلح
Witness گواہ
Prosecutor استغاثہ
Lawyer وکیل
Trial مقدمے کی سماعت
Evidence ثبوت
Jury پنچایت
Serial Killer سلسلہ وار قاتل
Offender مجرم
Accomplice سہولت کار
Traitor غدار
Affidavit حلف نامہ
Custody حراست
violation خلاف ورزی
Banish جلا وطن کرنا
Judgment فیصلہ

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