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Commonly Used Cricket Terms and Slang Words

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Most Commonly used Cricket Terms and Slang Words

Cricket is the second largest game of the world. It is the top sports in our region with no competitor. While watching cricket matches, many cricket terms are used by the commentators which are difficult for us to understand specially the cricket slang words and some old terms are not easy to understand.

Here you are going to learn 30+ most commonly used cricket terms and slang words with their explanations. These terms and slangs are widely used by the cricket experts and commentators.

Commonly used Cricket terms and Slang Words


If a batsman gets out on zero is called duck. Duck is also called blob.

Golden Duck

If a batsman gets out on zero on very first ball of his innings is called golden duck.

Diamond Duck

If a batsman gets out on zero without facing a ball is called diamond duck.

Kings pair

If a batsman gets out on zero on both innings of test match, it is called Kings pair.

Night Watchman

a nigh watchman is a batter who comes in to bat before his actual position usually near the end of the day in test match. It is done to save the wicket of main batsman.

To carry the bat

If a batsman starts the innings as an opener and bat till last ball of the innings it means he carried the bat.

Dot ball

If there is no run scored on a ball, it called as dot ball.


If a bowler is ready to bowl and batsman on the non-striker end get out of the crease before bowling the ball, the bowler hits the ball on stumps. This type of dismissal is called Mankad.

Maiden Over

An over in which no runs is scored is called maiden over.

Tail enders

The batsmen who come to bat at the last numbers. Tail enders are usually bowlers who come to bat after main batsmen are got out.


A batsman who cannot play well and dismiss repeatedly against a specific bowler is called bunny of that bowler.

Cow corner

A place in ground where ball goes rarely.


A very easy catch in cricket is called dolly.

Follow on

an immediate second innings forced on a team scoring number of runs fewer than its opponents in the first innings of test match.


An extra run given to the batting side but not added to the account of batsman.


A nickname given to cricket ball.

Tie Match

A cricket match in which score of both teams is equal

Super over

An extra over bowled to decide the match if score of both teams get tied.

Hit wicket out

an instance of a batsman breaking the wicket with the bat or a part of the body while playing a stroke and so being out.


To get three wickets on 3 consecutive balls is called hat-trick either in the same over on interrupted by an over.

Double hat-trick

To get four wickets on four consecutive balls is called double hat-trick.

Commonly Used Cricket Terms and Slang words


To get out in cricketing term is also called dismissal.

Strike rate (Batsman)

How much runs a batsman score per 100 balls is called strike rat of the batsman.

Strike rate (Bowler)

Strike rate of a bowler is calculated by the average number of balls bowled to per wicket taken.

Time out

Time out is type of dismissal if a batsman takes more than 3 minutes to get ready to face the next delivery. It is a rare form of dismissal.

Hit wicket

Hit wicket is a type of dismissal in which batsman mistakenly dismantle his own stumps.


Cricket wickets are also called stumps. In test cricket, calling off the play at the end of day is called stumps.


An unplayable delivery bowled the fast bowler.


A ball hit very high in the air is called a skier.


The captain of cricket  team is also called skipper.


The alternate slang word used for cricket bat.

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Bottom Line

If you still need the meaning of any cricketing slang word, you can post it in the comments section. If you know an top cricket slang or cricket terms you can also share with us.

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