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Name of Occupations in English and Urdu

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Name of occupations in English and Urdu

There are many professions in our society. In this article, you are going to learn a wide range of English to Urdu vocabulary which is used to describe different professions in society. These vocabulary words are very important to learn of you want to learn the meaning of different English words which can be used to describe the different professions.

Vocabulary used to describe Professions/Occupations in English to Urdu

Part I

Following is the list of English to Urdu vocabulary words used to describe the professions.

Accountant  منشی
Agent  کارندہ
Artist  مصور
Advocate  وکیل
Blacksmith  لوہار
Bearer  بیرا
Broker  دلال
Author  مصنف
Bookbinder  جلد ساز
Butcher  قصائی
Barber  نائی
Boat man  ملاح
Carpenter  ترکھان
Clergyman  پادری
Cowherd  گوالا
Cashier  خزانچی
Cook  باورچی
Contractor  ٹھیکدار
Chemist  دوا ساز

Part ii

This is the second part of the vocabulary used to describe the name of professions.

Drummer  ڈھولچی
Dentist  دندان ساز
Doctor  طبیب
Druggist  دوا ساز
Dresser  حجام
Dyer  رنگریز
Engineer  انجینئر
Wrestler  پہلوان
Farmer  کسان
Gardner  مالی
Goldsmith  سنار
Hawker  چھاپڑی فروش
Journalist  صحافی
Jeweller  جوہری
Lawyer  وکیل
Musician  موسیقار
Merchant  تاجر
Mechanic  مستری

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