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100 English Adjectives with Urdu Meanings and Sentences

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English Adjectives with Urdu Meanings

Learn 100 commonly used English adjectives with Urdu meaning and sentences. These words are often used in our daily life English conversations. These words can help you enrich your English vocabulary and improve your English. Before getting started with these words, it would be really beneficial for you if you learn what an adjective actually is.

We may define an adjective as a word that describes a noun or pronoun.

For Example:

  • “A black car” black is an adjective.
  • “I met a tall guy” here tall is an adjective.
  • ” Water is deep” here the word deep is an adjective.

Adjectives List With Urdu Meaning

Adjective Meaning Sentence
Other دوسرا Ali helps others.
New نیا This is our new house.
Good اچھا He is a good boy.
High اونچا This roof top is very high.
Old پرانا These shoes are very old.
Great عظیم Iqbal is great poet.
Big بڑا I have big dreams.
Pakistani پاکستانی I am Pakistani.
Small چھوٹا He lives in a small town.
Large بڑا I have a large house.
National قومی He is our national hero.
Young جوان Ahmad still looks young.
Different مختلف He is different than others.
Black سیاہ Don’t wear black glasses.
Long لمبا May you live long.
Little چھوٹا I have a little boy.
Important اہم You are very important to me.
Political سیاسی I don’t like a political discussion.
Bad برا He is a bad boy.
White سفید I like the white color.
Real حقیقی He is our real hero.
Best بہترین They are best friends.
Right درست You are absolutely right.
Social سماجی Ahmad is a social person.
Only تنہا/اکیلا He is the only brother of five sisters.
Public عوامی He is a public poet.
Sure یقینی I am sure about it.
Low نچلا Show me some low-range dress.
Early جلد I get up early in the morning.
Able قابل He is able to do hard tasks.
Human انسانی He is a good human being.
Local مقامی This shirt is locally produced.
Late دیر Why are you late today?

English Adjectives with Urdu Meanings

Adjective Meaning Sentence
Hard سخت He is hard working.
Major اہم You are a major part of my life.
Better بہتر Abid is much better than you.
Economic معاشی I am not an economic expert.
Strong مضبوط He is a strong man.
Possible ممکن Everything is possible in life.
Whole مکمل The whole nation is thankful to you.
Free آزاد You are free now.
Military فوجی This is a military Hospital.
True سچا He is a true patriot.
Federal وفاقی I study at a federal University.
International بین الاقوامی This is an international airport.
Full بھرا ہوا The tank is full of water.
Special خاص He is our special guest.
Easy آسان This subject is very easy.
Clear صاف Sky is clear today.
Recent حالیہ Give me some recent updates.
Certain یقینی I cannot say for certain.
Personal ذاتی Don’t be personal with me.
Open کھلا It is an open challenge for you.
Red سرخ He likes the red dress.
Difficult مشکل It is very difficult to face him.
Available دستیاب Patrol is not available here.
Likely امکان Pakistan is likely to win this match.
Short مختصر Tell me short stories.
Single اکیلا I live single in this apartment.
Medical طبی He is a medical student.
Current حالیہ Tell me about current affairs.
Long لمبا We met a long time ago.
Private ذاتی He is my private secretary.
Past ماضی Don’t live in past.
Foreign بیرونی/خارجہ He is an expert in foreign affairs.
Fine ٹھیک I am fine now.

English Adjectives with Urdu Meanings

Adjective Meaning Sentence
Common عام I am a common man.
Poor غریب He belongs to a poor family.
Natural قدرتی It is a natural lake.
Significant اہم Science has a significant role in our life.
Similar مماثل This dress is similar to mine.
Hot گرم Tea is very hot.
Dead مردہ He is dead.
Central مرکزی I live near the central gate of the city.
Happy خوش He is very happy about his success.
Serious سنجیدہ Ahmad has a serious personality.
Ready تیار I am ready to go.
Simple سادہ He lives a simple life.
Left بائیاں My left hand is broken.
Physical جسمانی I am a student of Physical Sciences.
General عام This is the opinion of the general public.
Environmental ماحولیاتی He is an environmental engineer.
Financial مالیاتی Pakistan is facing financial crises.
Blue نیلا His eyes are blue.
Democratic جمہوری Pakistan is a democratic state.
Dark اندھیرا He is afraid of darkness.
Various مختلف Pakistan is divided into various groups of people.
Entire پورا I am thankful for the entire nation.
Close بند The shop is closed today.
Legal قانونی He is doing the legal activity.
Religious مذہبی He is a religious boy.
Cold ٹھنڈا It is very cold today.
Final آخری Is it your final decision?
Main بڑا This is main entrance of this city.
Green سبز The trees are green.
Nice اچھا Ali is a nice person.
Huge بہت بڑا He is a huge cricket fan.
Popular مشہور He is a popular singer.
Traditional روایتی Basant is our traditional festival.
Cultural ثقافتی We are going to a cultural show.

English Adjectives with Urdu Meanings

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