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100 English Verbs With Urdu Meaning And Sentences

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Verbs In English With Urdu Meaning

Learn 1oo commonly used English verbs with Urdu meaning and sentences. This verbs list s going to be amazingly helpful for your writing as well as spoken English. Learning verbs with meaning makes it easier for you to construct different sentences by yourself. Before getting started with this verbs list, I would recommend you to understand what actually a verb is.

What is a verb?

We may define a verb as a word that describes an action or state of being.

  • He is going to school. Here go is a verb.
  • Ahmad is playing football. Play is a verb here.
  • Ali is working. Work is a verb.
  • Matloob plays games. Play is a verb.

100 Verbs List In English And Urdu

List of 100 most commonly used English verbs with Urdu meaning and sentences.

Verb Meaning Sentences
Be ہونا She wants him to be a friend.
Have رکھنا I have many friends.
Do کرنا Don’t do this.
Say کہنا Say something positive.
Go جانا He goes to college daily.
Can سکنا Can you help me, please?
Get حاصل کرنا Get fee challan from office.
Would ہوگا Would you give me the pen?
Make بنانا He is making tea for guests.
Know جاننا I know her very well.
Will کرے گا He will go to Lahore.
Think سوچنا Always think positive.
Take لینا Don’t take it seriously.
See دیکھنا I cannot see you.
Come آنا I will come tomorrow.
Could سکنا Could you help me, please?
Want چاہنا I want to learn something new
Look دیکھنا He will look into the matter.
Use استعمال کرنا Use your own things.
Find ڈھونڈنا He is finding a new job.
Give دینا Give me a glass of water.
Tell بتانا Tell me the old stories.
Work کام کرنا He works in a factory.
May ممکن ہونا He may not come to school.
Should ہونا چاہئے We should go to the park.
Call بلانا Call your parents.
Try کوشش کرنا Try Try again.
Ask پوچھنا I want to ask you a question.
Need ضرورت ہونا She needs help from you.
Feel محسوس کرنا I can feel your pain.
Become بننا Ali wants to become a doctor.
Leave چھوڑنا Leave me alone.
Put ڈالنا Put water in the glass.
Mean مطلب ہونا What do you mean?
Keep رکھنا Keep silent, please.
Let چھوڑنا Don’t let him go.
Begin شروع کرنا Let begin the new task.
Seem لگنا It seems you are worried.
Help مدد کرنا Please help me in this matter.
Talk بات کرنا I cannot talk to you.
Turn مڑنا Take a turn from next street.
Start شروع کرنا Let start the work.
Might شاید It might be possible.
Show دکھانا Show me your result sheet.
Hear سننا I cannot hear you.
Play کھیلنا Ahmad plays football.
Run دوڑنا He runs very fast.
Move حرکت کرنا Don’t move from here.
Like پسند کرنا I like your way of talking.
Live رہنا He lives in the USA.

100 Most Common Verbs List With Urdu Meaning

Verb Meaning Sentences
Believe یقین کرنا Believe me, this news is true.
Hold پکڑنا Hold my hand firmly.
Bring لانا Bring this item from Bazar.
Happen واقع ہونا What happened here?
Must لازم ہونا You must follow the rules.
Write لکھنا Write an essay on said topic.
Provide مہیا کرنا He provided the proofs to the court.
Sit بیٹھنا Sit down, please.
Stand کھڑا ہونا He always stands with you.
Lose پارنا Don’t lose heart.
Pay ادا کرنا Pay the bill, please.
Meet ملنا I meet him daily in the office.
Include شامل کرنا He is not included in this team.
Continue جاری رکھنا Continue your studies at any cost.
Set  رکھنا The price of this article is set to Rs. 100.
Learn سیکھنا He is learning new technologies.
Change بدلنا Change your dress.
Lead رہنمائی کرنا He is leading you the right way.
Understand سمجھنا Try to understand my problem.
Watch دیکھنا I watch TV daily.
Follow پیچھا کرنا We should follow the instructions.
Stop روکنا Stop talking, please.
Create پیدا کرنا Allah created this universe.
Speak بولنا Always speak the truth.
Read پڑھنا He is reading a book.
Allow اجازت دینا Am I allowed to come in?
Add جمع کرنا Add more sugar to this cup of tea.
Spend خرچ کرنا He spends a lot of money.
Grow بڑا ہونا My son is growing up.
Open کھولنا Open the door, please.
Walk پیدل چلنا He is walking in the park.
Win جیتنا Pakistan will win this world cup.
Offer پیشکش کرنا What is your offer to buy this house?
Remember یاد رکھنا Remember me in your prayers.
Love محبت کرنا I love my country.
Consider غور کرنا Please consider me for this job.
Appear ظاہر ہونا Are you appearing in this test?
Buy خریدنا He is buying a new phone.
Wait انتظار کرنا I am waiting for you.
Serve خدمت کرنا Serve the nation with pride.
Die مرنا She died of cancer.
Send بھیجنا Send me her personal number.
Expect توقع کرنا I cannot expect this from you.
Build تعمیر کرنا He is building a new house.
Stay رکنا Stay away from this matter.
Fall گرنا He fell down while running.
Cut کاٹنا Cut the door, please.
Reach پہنچنا When will you reach home?
Kill مارنا He killed his friend.
Remain باقی رہنا Nothing will remain left.

100 Most Common Verbs List With Urdu Meaning

Verbs In English With Urdu Meaning PDF

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