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Top 100 Most Used Nouns in English With Example Sentences

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100 Most Used Nouns in English

You are going to learn 100 most commonly used English verbs with Urdu meaning and example sentences. This blog will help you improve your vocabulary. This list of 100 nouns in English with Urdu meaning is extremely helpful for beginners. Before getting started with this lesson, it would be really beneficial for you if you learn what a noun actually is.

What is a noun?

The noun is the name of any person, place, thing, or idea.
For Example:-

  • Ali is going to school. Here Ali and school are nouns.
  • He is my best friend. Here friend is a noun.

100 Nouns List In English

Here is the list of 100 commonly used English nouns with Urdu meaning and example sentences. In order to make it more beneficial for you, you should learn these words and make sentences by yourself.

Noun Urdu Meaning Sentence
Time وقت Time is a blessing.
Year سال He died last year.
Peoples لوگ The peoples of Pakistan are very brave.
Way راستہ Tell me the way to her home.
Day دن Monday is the first day of the week.
Man مرد Musa is the man of commitments.
Thing چیز It was a foolish thing.
Woman عورت Islam gives equal rights to women.
Life زندگی Life is temporary.
Child بچہ He is a child specialist.
World دنیا This world is temporary.
School سکول He goes to school daily.
State ریاست America is a republican state.
Family خاندان He belongs to a noble family.
Student طالبعلم I am a student of Masters.
Group انجمن Arfa has joined a theater group.
Country ملک I love my country.
Problem مسئلہ What is your actual problem?
Hand ہاتھ Hold my hand firmly.
Part حصہ You are a mandatory part of my life.
Place جگہ I will come to your place for a meeting.
Case معاملہ The police are investigating this case.
Week ہفتہ We are celebrating sports week in college.
Company گروہ He runs a chemical company.
System نظام The transportation system of this city is destroyed.
Program لائحہ عمل What is your program after this degree?
Question سوال I want to ask you a personal question.
Work کام He works from home in covid days.
Government حکومت He is a servant of the federal government.
Number عدد He is an expert in number games.
Night رات You need to work day and night.
Point نقطہ Come to the actual point.
Home گھر I love my sweet home.
Water پانی Give me a glass of water.

100 Most Used Nouns in English

Noun Urdu Meaning Sentence
Room کمرہ My house has four rooms.
Mother ماں I love my mother.
Area علاقہ He lives in a posh area of this city.
Money رقم Can you give me some money?
Story کہانی Tell me the story of war.
Fact حقیقت The police are collecting the facts about the murder case.
Month مہینہ Ramadan is the month of blessings.
Lot ذیادہ Thanks a lot for this support.
Right دائیں He always stood on the right side of history.
Study پڑھائی Just focus on your study.
Book کتاب Quran is the Holy Book of Islam.
Eye آنکھ His eyes are blue.
Job نوکری Adeel is searching for a new job.
Word لفظ Mind your words.
Business کاروبار How is your business going?
Issue مسئلہ Tell me your original issue.
Side طرف Turn to the right side from the next roundabout.
Kind رحم دل Farhan is a kind-hearted person.
Head سر His head is injured badly.
House گھر I bought a new house last year.
Service خدمت The police are always ready for public service.
Friend دوست Aftab is my best friend.
Father والد He loves his father so much.
Power طاقت America is a powerful nation.
Hour گھنٹہ Come after an hour.
Game کھیل Hockey is our national game.
Line قطار Students are waiting for results in line.
End اختتام India has announced the end of the war.
Member رکن He is a permanent member of this club.
Law قانون We should follow the law of our country.
Car کار He bought a new car yesterday.
City شہر I belong to the city of lights i.e Karachi.
Community معاشرہ We should work together for community development.
Name نام What is your name?

100 Most Used Nouns in English

Noun Urdu Meaning Sentence
President صدر Who is the president of Pakistan?
Team گروہ We should always support the Pakistan team.
Minute منٹ Stop for a minute.
Idea خیال A fresh idea came to my mind.
Kid بچہ There is a kid’s park near my house.
Body جسم I am feeling pain in my whole body.
Information معلومات Give me information about the incident.
Back پیچھے/کمر He is suffering from back pain.
Parent والدین We should respect our parents.
Face چہرہ I want to meet you face to face.
Others دوسرا We should help others.
Level سطح/برابر Lahore is located above sea level.
Office دفتر He works in the office of the chairman.
Door دروازہ Open the door, please.
Health صحت Health is wealth.
Person شخص Ahmad is a kind-hearted person.
Art فن Singing is an art.
War جنگ The Kargil War was fought in 1999.
History تاریخ He is a student of History.
Party دعوت I have to go to a party tonight.
Result نتیجہ Today is the result day.
Change تبدیلی Change your dress.
Morning صبح I daily go for a morning walk.
Reason وجہ What is the reason behind your problem?
Research تحقیق I am a research assistant at the university.
Girl لڑکی She is a kind-hearted girl.
Guy لڑکے/دوست Come on, guys.
Moment لمحہ Think for a moment.
Air ہوا fresh air is passing through the door.
Teacher استاد I am a teacher by profession.
Force طاقت Government should not use force on the public.
Education تعلیم We need to improve our education system.

100 Most Used Nouns in English

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