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Sound Vocabulary For Different Objects

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Sound Vocabulary With Sentences

Every living and non-living object in the universe has a sound. In this article, you are going to learn vocabulary along with examples for different sounds of these objects. These vocabulary words will polish your English skills in grammar as well as spoken.

You will learn the sounds of following living and non-living objects.

  • Human body sounds
  • Sounds of different non-living objects
  • Sounds of birds and animals

Sounds Vocabulary of Different Objects, Human Body , Animal and Birds

English Urdu Example
Clank جھنکار The clank of swords
Creaking چڑچڑاہٹ The creaking of the door
Beat ڈم ڈم The beat of a drum
Blare صدا The blare of drum pet
Buzz ٹن ٹن The buzz of a telephone
Clatter کھٹ کھٹ The clatter of boofs
Clanking چھن چھناہٹ The clanking of the cabin
Clink جھنکار The clink of coins
Rippling پانی کی ارتعاش The rippling of water
Rustling سرسراہٹ The rustling of leaves
Thunder گھن گرج The thundering of clouds
Sighing ائیں سائیں The sighing of the wind
Sigh آہ بھرنا She can breathe a sigh of relief
Zooming زوںزوں The zooming of an airplane
Roar دھاڑ The roaring of the wind
Yawn جمائی لینا Cover your mouth when you yawn
Crack the knuckles انگلیاں چٹخانہ He was cracking the knuckles
Burp/Belch ڈکار لینا He gave loud a belch
Tick ٹک ٹک The tick of clock
Blow پھونک مارنا Blow out the candle

English Urdu Example
Fart/Flatulence پادنا /ریاح خارج کرنا Don’t fart at home
Hiccup  ہچکی I hiccup everyday
Sneeze چھینکنا I am sneezing a lot
Groan کراہنا He was groaning with pain
Cough کھانسنا Don’t cough here
Grind the teeth دانت پیسنا I was grinding my teeth
Laugh/giggle ہنسنا He laughs at others
Sniff وں سوں کرنا،ناک سے کھینچنا Take a sniff of this soap
Scream/Shout یخنا/چلانا Don’t shout like that
Whisper کھُسرپھُسر کرنا Two women were whispering there
Whistle سیٹی بجانا He whistled at me
Growl گرجنا Why are you growling at him?
Hum گنگنانا She is humming these days
Slurp کھانے پینے کی آواز She slurps tea.
Snore خراٹے لینا My husband snores loudly
Gasp سانس لینا She gave a gasp of surprise
Mumble منہ میں بولنا Speak up. Don’t mumble

English Urdu Example
Bark کتے کے بھونکنے کی آواز The dog barks.
Miaow بلی کی میاؤں The cat miaows.
Squeak چوہے کی چیخ The mouse squeaks.
Bleat بھیڑ کی میں میں The sheep bleats.
Grunt سور کا غرانا The pig grunts.
Roar دھاڑ The lion roars.
Trumpet چنگھاڑ The elephant trumpets.
Howl بھیڑیے کی آواز The wolf howls.
Croak مینڈک کی ٹر ٹر The frog croaks.
Hiss سانپ کی پھنکار The snake hisses.
Hoot  الو کی آواز The owl hoots.
Coo  کبوتر کی غٹر گوں The pigeon coos.
 Cuckoo  کوئل کی کُوک The cuckoo cuckoos.
Caw کوے کی کائیں کائیں The crow caws.
Crow مرغے کی ککڑوں کوں The cockerel crows

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