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Office Sentences In English With Urdu Translation

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Daily Use English Sentences In Office

When you are on a job in any office, you always need good communication skills, especially in English. English communication makes it better to understand the official matters but many of us have no idea how to communicate at the workplace with our colleagues, seniors, or juniors. In this article, you are going to learn commonly used English sentences with Urdu translation to have a beautiful conversation at your workplace in English. These sentences are going to be amazingly helpful for you.

Office Sentences In English With Urdu List

This list of some office sentences would help you be more confident while speaking English in the office. It has sentences that are related to various topics. With the help of these sentences, speaking English on different occasions in the office would become a lot easier.

English Urdu
This is a National bank cheque. یہ پنجاب نیشنل بینک کا چیک ہے۔
This clerk is a favorite of the officers. یہ کلرک افسروں کے منہ لگا ہوا ہے۔
For how many days would you have to take leave? تمہیں کتنے دنوں کی چھٹی لینی پڑے گی؟
Work pressure is very heavy these days. آج کل کام کا زور ہے۔
I want to make a call. مجھے ٹیلیفون پر بات کرنی ہے۔
Put up the notice on the noticeboard. نوٹس کو نوٹس بورڈ پر لگا دو۔
Is the boss in? صاحب ہیں؟
Please sign here. یہاں دستخط کیجئے۔
My application has been accepted. میری درخواست منظور ہوگئی۔
He didn’t/couldn’t get leave. اسے چھٹی نہیں ملی۔
He has been warned. اسے تنبیہ کر دی گئی۔
I’ll think over this matter. میں اس معاملے پر سوچوں گا۔
He has resigned. اس نے استعفٰی دے دیا ہے۔
This point was not touched. اس موضوع پر بات نہیں ہوئی۔
I’ll surely keep this in mind. میں ضرور اس بات کا خیال رکھوں گا۔
I follow all what you say.\I am following whatever you are saying. آپ جو کہہ رہے ہیں میں سب سمجھ رہا ہوں۔
The head clerk is all in this office. اس دفتر میں بڑے بابو ہی سب کچھ ہیں۔

Daily Use English Sentences In Office PDF

His resignation has been accepted. اس کا استعفٰی منظور ہو گیا ہے۔
No smoking.* سگریٹ پینا منع ہے۔
Can you make this graphic design on computer? کیا تم یہ گرافک ڈیزائن کمپیوٹر پر بنا سکتےہو؟
My watch has stopped. میری گھڑی بند ہو گئی ہے۔
Is it late? کیا دیر ہوگئی؟
You are late by an hour. آپ ایک گھنٹہ دیر سے ہیں۔
Type this letter fast. یہ خط جلدی سے ٹائپ کرو۔
What’s the date today? آج کون سی تاریخ ہے؟
She has joined today. وہ آج ہی نوکری پر آئی ہے۔
Is there any phone call for me? کیا میرے لئے کوئی فون ہے؟
I have fixed an appointment with the director at 10’o clock میں نے ڈائریکٹر صاحب سے10 بجے کی اپائنٹمنٹ لی ہے۔
Are you working in that office? کیا تم اس دفتر میں نوکری کرتے ہو؟
It’s better if you resign. بہتر ہو گا کہ آپ سبک دوش ہو جائیں۔
What post do you hold? آپ کس پوسٹ پر ہیں؟
Success has gone to his head. اسے اپنی کامیابی پر بڑا غرور ہے۔
I’m very busy today. آج مجھے بہت کام ہے۔

Daily Use English Sentences In Office PDF

Daily Use English Sentences In Office PDF

Do you want to save these sentences on your device so that you never lose this amazing list? Is memorizing these sentences by studying once is not possible? Don’t worry! This amazing collection of office-related sentences is also available in PDF format. This PDF is available to you for free which can be downloaded from the download link below.

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