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English Sentences In Urdu To Talk About Meal

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Sentences to Talk About Meal

In this article, you are going to learn very important English to Urdu sentences which are used to talk about meals. These sentences are very helpful to talk about eating meals, preparing food, waiting for food, or any other discussion about food or meal. These sentences are very helpful to enhance daily life spoken English skills.

Why These Sentences Are Important?

In this era, where English speaking has become a compulsion, we have to make conversations on different topics. In order to speak English and make beautiful conversations on different topics, we must learn some sentences on particular topics. By learning sentences on different topics we can speak English on different occasions.

These sentences are important as they will help you speak English on the topic of the meal.

Meal Related Sentences List

These sentences are going to be really helpful in your day-to-day English conversations. You can use these sentences to talk about a meal, while cooking a meal, asking for a meal, praising someone for the taste of the meal, or asking someone about the meal.

These sentences will only be helpful if you memorize these sentences and use them in your daily life conversations. Just learning these sentences for once is not going to be enough.

I am feeling hungry. مجھے بھوک لگ رہی ہے۔
What will you like to eat? آپ کیاکھائیں گے؟
Which pickles do you have? آپ کے پاس کون کون سے اچار ہیں؟
Have you had your breakfast? کیا آپ نے ناشتہ کر لیا؟
Noy yet, Izza. ابھی تک نہیں ،عزا۔
Prepare/make the breakfast. ناشتہ تیار کر لو۔
Let’s have breakfast together. آؤ!ہم لوگ ایک ساتھ ناشتہ کریں۔
Juts taste it. چکھ کر دیکھو۔
No, I have to attend a party. نہیں،مجھے ایک پارٹی میں جانا ہے۔
What sweet dishes do you have? آپ کے پاس میٹھے میں کیا ہے؟
Has Zahra finished her meals? کیا زہرا نے کھانا کھالیا؟
Hurry up, food has been served. جلدی آو،کھانا چن دیا گیا ہے۔
Dou you want a packet of cigarettes? کیا آپ کو سگریٹ کا ایک پیکٹ چاہئے؟
I prefer cigar to cigarettes. میں سگریٹ سے سگار زیادہ پسند کرتا ہوں۔
You hardly ate/had anything./You ate very little. تم نے تو کچھ کھایا نہیں۔
Have a little more./Please have some more. تھوڑا اور لیجئے۔
Do you also smoke? کیا آپ بھی سگریٹ پیتے ہیں؟
Would you have tea or coffee? آپ چائے  لیں گے یا کوفی؟
Bring/get me a cup of coffee. مجھے ایک پیالی کوفی لا دو۔
Pour the coffee. کوفی ڈالئے۔
Waiter, the spoon is dirty/not clean. چمچہ صاف نہیں ہے،بیرا۔
Pass me the sugar, please. زرا نمک پکڑائیے۔
۔Give some fresh butter, please. مجھے تھوڑا تازہ مکھن دیجئے۔
Get/bring some more, please. تھوڑا اور لائیے۔
Help yourself, please. برائے کرم شروع کریں۔

English Sentences In Urdu To Talk About Meal

Change the plate, please. پلیٹ بدلئے۔
Are you vegetarian? کیا آپ سبزی خور ہیں؟
No, I am non-vegetarian. نہیں ،میں گوشت خور ہوں۔
I’ll dine out today./I’ll have my dinner out today. آج میرا کھانا باہر ہی ہے۔
Would you like some milk?  کیا آپ دودھ پئیں گے؟
I have just sat down to have my meal. میں کھانا کھانے کو ابھی بیٹھاہوں۔
I’m not fond of rice./I don’t eat rice. میں چاول نہیں کھاتا۔
What is there for dessert? کھانے کے بعد میٹھا کیا ہے؟
Two chapatis were not enough for me. دو روٹیوں سے تو میری بھوک نہیں رُکی۔
Alu-matar is my favorite dish. آلو اور مٹر میرا دل پسند کھانا ہے۔
It is dinner time. Get ready. کھانے کا وقت ہو گیا ہے،تیار ہو جاؤ۔
There is less salt in the vegetable. سبزی میں نمک کم ہے۔
Don’t take water on an empty stomach. خالی پیٹ پانی نہ پیو۔
What dishes are cooked today? آج کیا بنا ہے؟
Bring a pinch of salt from your mother. اپنی ماں سے چٹکی بھر نمک لاؤ۔
Potatoes are all we get here. آلو کے علاوہ یہاں کچھ نہیں ملتا۔
I’m still thirsty. میری پیاس ابھی نہیں بجھی۔
They have invited me to lunch. انہوں نے مجھے دوپہر کے کھانے پر بلایا ہے۔
Please have your dinner with me. آپ رات کا کھانا میرے ساتھ کھائیے۔
Will you have boiled or fried eggs? ابلے ہوئے انڈے لیں گے یا تلے ہوئے؟
There were seven items./dishes at their party. ان کی پارٹی میں سات طرح کے کھانے لگائے گئے۔
Tayyaba is an expert cook. طیبہ اچھا کھانا پکاتی ہے۔
May I have little/some more gravy? تھوڑا شوربہ اور دیجئے۔
I like tandoori/grilled chicken very much. مجھے تندوری چکن بہت پسند ہے۔
He’s a glutton. وہ بڑا پیٹو ہے۔

English Sentences In Urdu To Talk About Meal

Sentences To Talk About Meal PDF

Learning these sentences for once is not enough. In order to make memorize these sentences, you must save a soft copy of these sentences on your device. For your ease, this amazing collection of meal-related sentences is also available in PDF format that can be downloaded for free here.

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