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Commonly Used Adjectives In English and Urdu PDF

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Commonly Used Adjectives In English and Urdu

Adjectives are the words that describe the qualities or states of being of nouns. In linguistics, an adjective is a word that modifies a noun or noun phrase or describes its referent. Adjectives are very important in daily life in spoken English as well as in English exams. In this article you will learn some common and most widely used adjective words in English and Urdu which are used to describe the following categories of nouns:

1. To appreciate a work

When someone does a work you like, you can use these adjective words to appreciate his/her work.

2.To describe the appearance of a Person

These adjectives are used to describe the appearance of a person.

3. To describe the character and personality of a person

This category of adjectives is used to praise the character or personality of a person.

4. To describe a place

When you visit a place and you love it, you can use these words to describe the beauty of that place.

5. To describe or praise a food

When you eat any food and want to praise the taste of that food, you can use these adjective words.

Common Adjectives to praise a work, appearance, character, place or food

Well Done بہت اچھا کیا
Excellent شاندار
Extraordinary غیر معمولی
Impressive متاثر کن
Commendable قابل تعریف
Praiseworthy قابل تعریف
Noteworthy قابل غور/قابل ذکر
Exceptional غیر معمولی/خاص
Cute پیارا
Handsome حسین و جمیل
Pretty خوبصورت
Attractive پرکشش
Exquisite بہت پیارا
Beautiful خوبصورت
Spectacular شاندار
Gorgeous بہت پیارا/پیاری
Muscular اچھے اعصاب والا/والی
Smart اچھا دکھنے اور پہننے والا
Well-built اچھی/بڑی جسامت والا
Kind مہربان
Generous سخی
Responsible ذمہ دار انسان

Commonly Used Adjectives In English and Urdu PDF

Brave بہادر
Honest سچا/ایماندار
Helpful مددگار
Optimistic خوش امیدانہ
Trustworthy قابل اعتماد
Polite نرم/ شفیق
Modest عاجز
Confident پراعتماد
Sincere مخلص
Courageous باحوصلہ
Positive مثبت رویہ والا
Persistent ثابت قدم رہنے والا
Caring خیال رکھنے والا
Determined پرعزم
Calm پرسکون
Charming دلکش
Cosmopolitan جہاں مختلف ملک سے لوگ ہوں
Fascinating دل کو لبھانے والا
Lively زندگی سے بھرپور
Delicious بہت مزیدار
Yummy خوش زائقہ
Mouth-Watering منہ میں پانی لانے والا
Finger-Licking انگلیاں چٹوا دینے والا

Commonly Used Adjectives In English and Urdu PDF

Commonly Used Adjectives In English and Urdu PDF

You can also download these most important and commonly used adjective words in PDF Format from the following download link.

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