Indus Plains of Pakistan-Complete Introduction

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Indus Plains of Pakistan

Indus Plain is a vast Plain, which lies to the south of the Himalayas and Salt Range. It stretches to the southwest of the Arabian Sea. It is called the Indus Plain because it is drained by the river Indus and its tributaries. Indus Plain is divided into two parts Upper Indus Plain and Lower Indus Plain.

Upper Indus Plain:

The Upper portion which ends at Mithankot is called the Upper Indus Plain. In the Upper Indus Plain the five tributary rivers, Ravi, Sutlej, Bias, Chenab, and the Jehlum flow southwest. All five rivers join the Indus at the place called Panjnad and flow as combined rivers. The upper Indus Plain is a very vast and fertile area. The Canals cut from its rivers irrigate the entire area of this plain. In the southwest of this plain lies the desert area Thar, which extends from India to Pakistan. In Bahawalpur, this desert is called Cholistan. To the west of the Jehlum is the Thal Descr which is now irrigated by the Thal, Valley Canals. It is very hot in the months of June and July. In certain areas, temperature rises up to 50° c. Winter season is however short and tolerable.

Lower Indus Plain:

Below Mithankot the area stretching to the Arabian Sea is called. the Lower Indus Plain. It is the most productive area in the Sindh. The Sukkur and the Guddu Barrages have been constructed in this area. These Barrages have brought prosperity to the life of the people. Coastal areas are also part of the Lower Indus Plain. In Coastal areas, temperature varies from month to month.

Indus Valley Desert:

The Indus Valley Desert is located in the northern area of Pakistan. This desert spans an area of 19,500 square kilometers and is surrounded by northwestern scrub forests. This Indus Valley Desert lies between the two major rivers in the region, that is the Chenab and the Indus.

Kharan Desert:

The Kharan Desert is located in Northeast (a Pakistani state) Balochistan. The desert is in the middle of a large empty basin. This desert was used for nuclear testing by the Pakistan military, this testing made it the most famous of the five deserts in Pakistan.

The Thal Desert:

The Thal Desert is located in northeastern between the Indus and Jhelum rivers in Pakistan. A large canal-building project is currently underway to irrigate the land. This irrigation will make most of the desert extremely good for farming.

Main Features of Indus Plain:

1. The Indus Plain is a very fertile area.

2. The Indus Plain is irrigated by the river Indus and its tributaries.

3. This Plain is irrigated by the network of the world’s best Canal system.

4. The rivers of this region are snow-fed and they never run dry.

5. Many Cities and towns have been developed with large populations in the Indus Plain, in this region the network of roads and railways provide easy communication.

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