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Parts Of Body Names In English And Urdu

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Parts Of Body Names

Learn the names of body parts in Urdu and English along with photos in this blog. Learn the names of the body parts in English, Urdu, and Hindi with illustrations. You will learn the names of all these body parts in Urdu in this lesson in a thorough way with illustrations and an Urdu/Hindi translation. We frequently need to discuss our bodies, their components, and their organs in our daily interactions.

We need to be familiar with these bodily parts because we are English learners. Imagine that you are speaking to someone when you become confused by a really fundamental body component. It turns out to be really humiliating. In this video, I explain several incredibly difficult, uncommon, and difficult-to-pronounce bodily parts in addition to simple and fundamental phrases.

To assist you to learn both exterior and interior body parts at once, I’ve also included some internal body components to make this lesson an excellent choice for you. I’ve also included this lesson in PDF format for your convenience. The lesson can be downloaded for further revision. You may get this PDF lecture for free.

Parts Of Body Names List


Rib  پسلی Pasli
Skull  کھوپڑی Khopri
Pericardium  دل کا پردہ Dil Ka Parda
Eyelid  پپوٹا Papota
Neck  گردن Gardan
Stomach  معدہ Meda
Knee  گھٹنا Ghutna
Back  پشت Pusht
Lungs  پھیپھڑے Phephry
Wrist  کلائی Kalai
Bone  ہڈی Haddi
Forehead  پیشانی Peshani
Foot  پیر Pair
Finger  انگلی Ungli
Spleen  تالی Tili
Toe  پیر کی انگلی Pair ki ungli
Mouth  منہ Munh
Heart  دل Dil
Nail  ناخن Nakhun
Jaw  جبڑا Jabra
Thigh  ران Raan
Hair  بال Baal
Cheek  گال Gaal
Trachea  سانس کی نالی Saans Ki Naali
Armpit  بغل Baghal
Artery  شریان Sharyaan
Skin  جلد Jild

Eardrum  کان کا پردہ Kaan Ka Parda
Chest  چھاتی Chaati
Joint  جوڑ Jorr
Muscle  پھٹے Pathy
Abdomen  پیٹ Pait
Palm  ہتھیلی Hatheli
Palate  تالو Taalu
Ankle  ٹخنا Takhna
Thumb  انگوٹھا Angootha
Chin  تھوڑی Thorri
Heel  ایڑی Aerri
Cartilage  کرکڑی ہڈی Kirkri Haddi
Arm  بازو Baazu
Eyeball  پتلی Putli
Liver  جگر Jigar
Kidney  گردہ Gurda
Brain  دماغ Dimagh
Mustache  مونچھ Moonch
Beard  داڑھی Daarhi
Nose  ناک Naak
Eyelash  پلک Palak


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