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Important Islamic Vocabulary in English and Urdu

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Important Islamic Vocabulary Words 

Islam is the universal religion for all times, all places, and all peoples and all languages. Sometimes we need to communicate with foreigners related to Islam. Many of us find it difficult as we do not know the proper Islamic vocabulary in English. To keep this in view, in this article, you are going to learn important and commonly used Islamic vocabulary words with Urdu meanings.

This vocabulary list covers important and daily used English words that are very necessary for every Muslim to know.

this article covers the following Islamic vocabulary topics:

  • Name of prayers
  • Name of worships
  • Names of different items in Islamic terms
  • Common words in Islamic Vocabulary

Commonly Used Islamic Vocabulary Terms

Make Ablution  وضو کرنا
Ablution وضو
Rinse out کلی کرنا
Get hair wet  مسح کرنا
Prayer mat  جائے نماز
Offer prayer  نماز پڑھنا
Obligatory prayer  فرض نماز
Optional prayer  نفل نماز
Dawn prayer  فجر کی نماز
Noon prayer  ظہر کی نماز
Afternoon prayer  عصر کی نماز
Sunset prayer  شام کی نماز
Night prayer  عشاء کی نماز
Recitation  تلاوت کرنا
Believer  مومن
Apostate  بے دین
Atheist  منکر
Pilgrimage  حج

Commit sin  گناہ کرنا
Abstain  پرہیز کرنا
Worship  عبادت کرنا
Sin  گناہ
Sinful  گناہگار
Bury  دفن کرنا
Call out azan  آذان دینا
Prostrate  سجدہ
Genuflect  رکوع کرنا
Judgment day  فیصلے کا دن
Mercy  رحم
Do mercy  رحم کرنا
Patience  صبر
Condolence  تعزیت
Gargle  غرارہ کرنا
Doomsday  قیامت کا دن
Say Salam  سلام کہنا

Funeral prayer  نماز جنازہ
Funeral  جنازہ
Vigil  تہجد
Missionary  تبلیغی جماعت
Sacrifice  قربانی
Alms  خیرات
Seclusion  اعتکاف
False imputation  بہتان
Miracle  معجزہ
Break fast  روزہ توڑنا
Rosary  تسبیح
Observe fast  روزہ رکھنا
Intention  نیت کرنا
Forgot fast  روزہ چھوڑنا
Accusation  الزام
Absolution  مغفرت
Firmness  استقامت
Sacrifice  قربانی

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