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English Vocabulary to Talk about Personality

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English Vocabulary Used to Talk about Personality

There are different characteristics and behaviors of a person which is called the personality of that person. There are different kinds of words that are used to describe different types of personalities. In this article, you are going to learn all those words which are used to describe the personality of a person. These words are very important to learn to talk about any kind of personality.

Talkative  باتونی
Specialist  ماہر
Truthful  سچا
Tired  تھکا ہوا
Submissive  تابعدار
Brave  بہادر
Chatty  باتونی
Clever  چالاک
Experiences  تجربہ کار
Wise عقلمند
Happy  خوش
Polite  شائستہ

Ambitious  بلند نظر
Quiet  خاموش
Outspoken  منہ پھٹ
Timid  بزدل
Extravagant  فضول خرچ
Gentleman  شریف آدمی
Stupid  بے وقوف
Honest  ایماندار
Generous  سخی
Egoist  خود پسند
Emotional  جذباتی
Accused  ملز

Henpecked  رن مرید
Backbiter  چغل خور
Devotee  پرستار
Donor  عطیہ دینے والا
Disloyal  بے وفا
Glutton  پیٹو
Afraid  خوفزدہ
Addicted  عادی
Forgetful بھلکڑ
Confident  پر اعتماد
Careful  محتاط
Careless  لاپرواہ

Diligent  محنتی
Cheerful  ذندہ دل
Lazy  سست
Jovial  ہنس مکھ
Grateful  مشکور
Gulity  قصوروار
Liar  جھوٹا
Impatient  بے صبر
Jolly  مزاحیہ
Reticent  کم گو
Sincere  مخلص

Intellectual  دانشور
Greedy  لالچی
Hospitality  مہان نواز
Intelligent  ذہین
Mature  پختہ ذہن
Innocent  معصوم
Naughty  شرارتی
Proud  مغرور
Obstine  ضدی
Negligent غافل
Nervous  گھبرایا ہوا
Kind  مہربان

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