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Building Tools And Construction Tools Vocabulary

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Building Tools And Construction Tools

While building or constructing a house, there are many tools, materials, and parts of a house or a building that are very common in Urdu but their meaning in English is not known to us. In this article, you are going to learn interesting vocabulary words in English Urdu and with pictures which cover the name of tools used in construction work, the names of construction material which is used to build a building or a house, and the parts of the building or a house.

This article is divided into three sections. The first section covers the name of tools used in construction. In the second section, you will learn the name of the construction material and in the third section, the parts of a house or parts of a building are covered. This article can also be downloaded in PDF format from the download link at the end of this article.

1. Construction Tools

Following are some important and common construction tools used in construction.

Trowel کانڈی
Hammer ہتھوڑی
Plumb Bob ساہل
Spade بیلچہ
Head Pan تگاری
Hoe کسی
Water Level واٹر لیول
Float گلمالہ
Sand Screening چھاننا
Tamper/Rammer درمٹ
Hand Saw آری
Ladder سیڑھی
Block Plane رندہ
Wire Brush تاروں والا برش
Spirit Level لیول
Measuring Tape پیمائشی ٹیپ
Concrete Mixer کنکریٹ مکسر
Drill Machine سوراخ کرنے کی مشین
Jack Hammer جیک والا ہتھوڑآ

2. Construction Material

The following list of words covers the names of construction materials used to build a house or a building.

Glass شیشہ
Reinforcement سریا
Brick اینٹ
Cement سیمنٹ
Gravel بجری
Mud گارا
Girder گرڈر/شہتیر
Sand ریت
Clay مٹی
Timber لکڑی
Tile ٹائل
Nails کیل
Screw پیچ
T Iron ٹی آئرن
Wood لکڑی
Concrete ریت بجری سیمنٹ کا مجموعہ
bitumen لک

3. Parts of Building/House

In table below, you will learn the parts of building or house.

Chimney آتش دان
Foundation بنیاد
Basement طے خانہ
Shade سایہ
Porch ڈیوڑھی
Lawn باغیچہ
Garage گاڑی کی جگہ
Lintel لینٹر
Dinning Hall کھانا کھانے کا کمرہ
Beam شہتیر
Drawing Room مہمان خانہ
Roof چھت(اوپر سے)
Floor فرش
Verandah برآمدہ
Corridor راہداری
Ceiling چھت(نیچے سے)
Kitchen باورچی خآنہ
Stairs سیڑھی

Windows کھڑکی
Yard صحن
Bathroom غسل خانہ
Wardrobe الماری
Slab شلف
Terrace چبارہ
Room کمرہ
Cabinet الماری
Lounge انتظار گاہ
Ridge چھت کی بلند ترین جگہ
Living Room بیٹھک
Door دروازہ
Balcony بالا خانہ
Lobby/Gallery دالن
Pillar/Column ستون
Fence باڑ
Exhaust راستہ
Dump Proof Course(DPC) نمی سے بچاؤ کےلئے حفاظتی تہ
Ventilation ہواداری

Building Tools And Construction Tools Vocabulary PDF

Building tools and construction tools list are also available in PDF format. You can also download this article in PDF Format in English and Urdu from the download link below.

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