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What Is An Adjective? Types Of Adjectives And Examples

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What Is An Adjective?

In this article, you are going to learn Adjectives with Urdu to English examples. This article will be really helpful for your English Grammar. If you will get the pdf of this lesson it will shine your English grammar. And you know well without learning English grammar you can’t learn and speak English. You can also download this article in PDF format from the download link at the end of this article.



A word that describes the quality of nouns and pronouns is called an adjective. For example: good, bad, small, long, tall, short, white or black, etc.


Bilal is a smart boy. بلال ایک ذہین لڑکا ہے۔
She was wearing a black shirt. اس نے کالے رنگ کی شرٹ پہن رکھی تھی۔
She is a beautiful girl. وہ ایک خوبصورت لڑکی ہے

Types of adjectives

  • Descriptive
  • Proper adjective
  • Adjective of quality
  • Adjective of quantity
  • Numeral adjective

Types Of Adjectives And Examples

Descriptive Adjectives

An adjective that shows a description of a noun or pronoun is known as a descriptive adjective.

For example; beautiful ,big ,small ,tall, short, red etc.


He is an honest man. وہ ایک ایماندار آدمی ہے۔
She is a beautiful girl. وہ ایک خوبصورت لڑکی ہے۔
Ayesha is a tall girl. عائشہ لمبے قد کی لڑکی ہے۔
Ali is a nice person. علی ایک اچھا آدمی ہے۔
She is a clever girl. وہ ایک چلاک لڑکی ہے۔
I am a self-reliant man. میں ایک خود انحصارآدمی ہوں۔
I have an old touring car. میرے پاس ایک پرانی ٹورنگ کار ہے۔
I want to buy a diamond car.  میں ایک ڈائمنڈ کار خریدنا چاہتا ہوں۔
He bought an expensive old silver mirror. اس نے چاندی کا ایک مہنگا پرانا آئینہ خریدا۔

Descriptive Adjectives

-Ing -ed
Boring Bored 
Confusing Confused


Types Of Adjectives And Examples

Proper adjective


It is formed a proper name.


Proper noun Proper adjective
Pakistan Pakistani
America American
China Chinese

Adjective of quality


Adjective of quality is may defined as denotes the quality, weakness, or state of a person or a thing.


He is a good boy. وہ ایک اچھا لڑکا ہے.
It is a beautiful flower. یہ ایک خوبصورت پھول ہے۔
Adjective of quantity


Adjective of quantity denotes the quantity of a thing or an idea.


The boy took some milk. لڑکے نے تھوڑا دودھ لیا۔
I don’t have sufficient money. میرے پاس کافی رقم نہیں ہے۔
Numeral adjective

Types of numeral Adjectives

  • Definite numeral adjective
  • Indefinite numeral adjective

Definite numeral adjective

Cardinals, one, two, three, etc. Ordinals: first, second, third, etc.

Indefinite numeral adjective

All, some, many, any, several, etc.


A watch has two hands. گھڑی کے دو ہاتھ ہوتے ہیں۔
All men must die. تمام مردوں کو مرنا ہے۔
Most people like cricket.  بہت سارے لوگ کرکٹ کو پسند کرتے ہیں۔
The first impression is the last impression. پہلا تاثر آخری تاثر ہے۔
I went there several years ago. میں وہاں کئی سال پہلے گیا تھا۔
Degree of  Adjectives
  • Positive Degree
  • Comparative Degree
  • Superlative Degree

Positive Degree

It simply expresses a quality.

He is a good boy. وہ ایک اچھا لڑکاہے۔
She is a beautiful girl. وہ ایک خوبصورت لڑکی ہے۔

Superlative Degree

You may describe the superlative form of a Degree is used to show something has a quality to the greatest or least degree.

  • most / least + adjective
 I am the happiest student in my class.

میں اپنی کلاس کا سب سے خوش طالب علم ہے۔

Bilal is the youngest person in the group بلال گروپ کا سب سے کم عمر شخص ہے۔
This painting is the most beautiful of all. یہ پینٹگ سب سے خوبصورت ہے۔

Types Of Adjectives And Examples

Comparative Degree

Comparative Degree is used to comparing the difference between two things. For instant; smaller and big.

  • more/taller +adjective +than
  • as+ adjective+ as (equal)
She is taller than him. وہ اس سے لمبی ہے۔
My brother looks happier than my sister. میرا بھائی میری بہن سے زیادہ خوش نظر آتا ہے۔
The bus is bigger than the car. بس گاڑی سے بڑی ہے۔
This math is more complicated. یہ ریاضی زیادہ پیچیدہ ہے۔
I am feeling happier now. میں اب سے زیادہ سے خوشی محسوس کر رہی ہوں۔
She is two years old than me. وہ مجھ سے دوسال بڑی ہے۔
He is a better player than Maaz.  وہ معاذ سے بہتر کھلاڑی ہے۔
Multan is much bigger than khanewal.  ملتان خانیوال سے بہت بڑا ہے۔
We need a bigger garden. ہمیں ایک بڑے باغ  کی ضرورت ہے۔


Types Of Adjectives And Examples

Order of adjectives with Examples


An adjective is a word used to describe or quality a noun or pronoun.

Tablecloth – French, blue, small, old, cotton, round, beautiful A ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ tablecloth.

Determiners My, your, this, that, number, a/an/the
Opinion Beautiful, expensive, delicious, smart
Size Small, big, little, large, tall, short
Shape Round, square, rectangular
Age Old, young, new
Color Blue, red, green
Origin French, Indian, Turkish
Material cotton, iron, plastic


Types Of Adjectives And Examples

Determiners with Examples


  •  We may define A determiner as a word that introduces a always comes before a noun or after.


Where is your car? آپ کی گاڑی کہاں ہے؟
A boy is coming here. ایک لڑکا یہاں آ رہا ہے۔
This man is innocent. یہ آدمی بے قصور ہے۔
I have one book. میرے پاس ایک کتاب ہے۔
They are very happy. وہ بہت خوش ہیں۔

Types of determiners

Article A, An, The
Possessive My, Your, His, Her, Our, There, Whose
Demonstrative This, That, These, Those
Number One, two, three, four
Ordinals First, second, third, fourth
Quantifies A few, the few, another, several, much, little

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