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Most Important And Repeated English Idioms And Proverbs For PPSC FPSC NTS

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English Idioms, Proverbs for PPSC FPSC NTS all other Job Tests

In this article, you are going to learn the Most Important and repeated English Idioms and Proverbs with their simple meanings in PPSC FPSC and NTS Job Tests. These idioms are proverbs are very important and repeated in many job tests conducted through PPSC FPSC and other testing agencies.

English Idioms and Proverbs

Rob Peter to pay Paul.

ANSWER: To borrow from one to pay other

A Pany for your___________.

ANSWER: Thought

Don’t count your ______ before they are hatched.

ANSWER: Chickens

To spill the beans.

ANSWER: To reveal a secret

Don’t judge a book by its __________.

ANSWER: Its cover

A sleeping________ catches no __________.

ANSWER: Fox, Poultry

A rolling stone gathers no________.


Hell, hath no fury like _______.

ANSWER: A Women scorned

To be Above board.

ANSWER: To be honest

To one’s hand to plough.

ANSWER: To take a difficult task

Have an axe to grind.

ANSWER: Selfish move

To husband one’s resources.

ANSWER: To manage one’s means with fragility

To bear the brunt of.

ANSWER: To endure the main force or shock

To fish in troubled waters.

ANSWER: To make a personal profit out of a disturbance

To give the cold shoulder.

ANSWER:  To Ignore

A thing of beauty is a joy ________.

ANSWER: Forever

To make amend for.

ANSWER: To compensate for damage.

All that ________ is not gold.

ANSWER: Glitters

Where there is a _________there is a way.


To wipe Out,.

ANSWER: Eradicate

Just delayed in justice______.

ANSWER: Denied

Up to the marks.

ANSWER: Standard

By hook or by crook.

ANSWER: By any means

Kith and Kin.

ANSWER: Blood Relation

To Clip the wings.

ANSWER: Put pressure

No man is an________.

ANSWER: Island

A slap on the wrist.

ANSWER: Warning or small Punishment

The alpha and omega.

ANSWER: Beginning and End

To pass by.

ANSWER: Overlook

Have a finger in the pie.

ANSWER: To get involved in something

To hit blue the belt.

ANSWER: To fight unfairly

Out of sight.

ANSWER: Out of mind


ANSWER: A small car accident

All at sea.

ANSWER: Confused /puzzled

Turn heads.

ANSWER: Attract someone

Don’t put your eggs in_________.

ANSWER: One basket

A pipe dream.

ANSWER: An Impracticable wish

To hit the road.

ANSWER: Start Journey

Even______sometimes nods.


He turned a deaf ear to my advice.

ANSWER: Did not listen

To burry the hatchet.

ANSWER: To make peace

To face the music.

ANSWER: To bear the consequences

By Fits and start.

ANSWER: Irregularly

Get someone’s got.

ANSWER: To irritate someone

With open arms.

ANSWER: Warmly

All and sundry.

ANSWER: Everybody

Out of question.

ANSWER: Impossible

If the ______ fits, wear it.


To plough the sand.

ANSWER: To work in vain

Heaven is high and the __________ is far away.

ANSWER: Emperor

T call a spade a spade.

ANSWER: To speak in plane terms

Diamond cuts diamond.

ANSWER: Retaliation

Once in a blue moon.

ANSWER: Rarely

As the crow flies.

ANSWER: Directly

To give one the sack.

ANSWER: To dismiss a person

Truth is stranger than ________.

ANSWER: Fiction

A house divided against itself __________.

ANSWER: Cannot stand

Too many cooks spoil the __________.


To hit the nail on head.

ANSWER: Exact Point

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