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Past Continuous Tenses Example Sentences For Practice PDF

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Past Continuous Tenses Example Sentences

In this blog, you are going to get 40+ practice sentences for past continuous tense. These sentences will help you make more sentences by yourself.

Before getting started with these sentences, I want you to revise three basic sentence structures used for past continuous tense.

Simple Sentences

While making simple sentences in the past continuous tense, the following simple structure is used.

Subject + Was/Were + Verb-Ing + Object

ex: He was telling a lie.

وہ جھوٹ بول رہا تھا۔

Negative Sentences

In order to make negative sentences in past continuous tense, we need to follow the following structure.

Subject + Was Not / Were Not + Verb-Ing + Object

ex: He was not telling a lie.

وہ جھوٹ نہیں بول رہا تھا۔

Interrogative Sentences

The following sentence structure is used while making interrogative sentences in the past continuous tense.

Was/Were + Subject + Verb-Ing + Object

ex: Was he telling a lie?

کیا وہ جھوٹ بول رہا تھا۔؟

Past Continuous Tense Practice Sentences

The best way to practice past continuous tense sentences is:-

  • Read Urdu/Hindi Sentence Of The Past Continuous Tense First
  • Try To Make The Sentence Using The Basic Sentence Structures Of Past Continuous Tense
  • Now Compare Your Sentence With The Sentence Given Here
  • Find Your Mistake And Correct It

Simple Sentences In Past Continuous Tense

He was working. وہ کام کر رہا تھا Wo kam kar raha tha.
She was sleeping. وہ سو رہی تھی Wo sou rahi thi.
You were talking. آپ باتیں کر رہے تھے Ap batein kar rahy thy.
You and Her brother were fighting. تم اور اس کا بھائی لڑ رہے تھے Tum or us ka bhai lar rahy thy.
He was going to Karachi. وہ کراچی جا رہا تھا Wo karachi ja raha tha.
She was buying a book. وہ ایک کتاب خرید رہی تھی Wo aik kitab khareed rahi thi.
It was hailing. اولے پڑ رہے تھے Awlay par rahy thy.
You were laughing. آپ ہنس رہے تھے Ap hans rahy thy.
They were taking exercise. وہ ورزش کر رہے تھے Wo warzish kar rahy thy.
The dogs were barking. کتے بھونک رہے تھے Kutty bhonk rahy thy.
I was making tea. میں چائے بنا رہی تھی Main chaye bana rahi thi.
We were going to market. ہم بازار جا رہے تھے Ham bazar ja rahy thy.

Negative Sentences In Past Continuous Tense

You were not buying the book. تم کتاب نہیں خرید رہے تھے Tum kitab nahi khareed rahy thy.
She was not reading. وہ پڑھ نہیں رہی تھی Wo parh nahi rahi thi.
You were not cocking the food. تم کھانا نہیں پکا رہے تھے Tum khana nahi paka rahy thy.
They were not fighting. وہ نہیں لڑ رہے تھے Wo nahi lar rahy thy/.
He was not going there. وہ وہاں نہیں جارہا تھا Wo wahan nahi ja raha tha.

Past Continuous Tenses Example Sentences

They were not doing their work. وہ اپنا کام نہیں کر رہے تھے Wo apna kam nahi kar rahy thy.
We were not cutting jokes. ہم مزاق نہیں کر رہے تھے Hum mazaq nahi kar rahy thy.
I was not singing a song. میں گانا نہیں گا رہی تھی Main gana nahi ga rahi thi.
Birds were not flying in the air. پرندے ہوا میں نہیں اڑ رہے تھے Parindy hawa main nahi urh rahy thy.
She was not making food. وہ کھانا نہیں بنا رہی تھی Wo khana nahi bana rahi thi.
Amir was not teaching the class. عامر کلاس کو نہیں پڑھا رہا تھا Amir class ko nahi parha raha tha.

Interrogative Sentences In Past Continuous Tense

Were you not going to school? کیا تم اسکول نہیں جارہے تھے Kia tum school nahi ja rahy thy?
were you not speaking? کیا تم بول نہیں رہے تھے Kia tum bol nahi rahy thy?
Was he abusing you? کیا وہ تمھیں گالی دے رہا تھا Kia wo tumhein gali de raha tha?
Were you singing a song yesterday? کیا کل تم گانا گا رہے تھے Kia kal tum gana ga rahy thy?
Was he going to school? کیا وہ سکول جا رہا تھا؟ Kia wo school ja raha tha?
Was she playing tennis? کیا وہ ٹینس کھیل رہا تھا؟ Kia wo tennis khel raha tha?
Was Adnan teaching the class? کیا عدنان کلاس کو پڑھا رہا تھا؟ Kia adnan class ko parha raha tha?
Was it raining outside? کیا باہر بارش ہو رہی تھی؟ Kia bahir barish ho rahi thi?
Were they catching fish? کیا وہ مچھلیاں پکڑ رہے تھے؟ Kia wo machlian pakar rahy thy?
Were boys learning their lesson? کیا لڑکے اپنا سبق یاد کر رہے تھے؟ Kia larky apna sabaq yaad kar rahy thy?
Was Kashif looking for a book? کیا کاشف کتاب تلاش کر رہا تھا؟ Kia Kashif kitab talash kar raha tha?

Past Continuous Tenses Example Sentences

Past Continuous Tenses Example Sentences PDF

Learning these sentences for once is not enough. In order to be at home in past continuous tense, you must practice past continuous tense sentences again and again. For this purpose, you can download past indefinite tense example sentences in PDF for free.

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